MetaPlanet Ecosystem

Metaplanet, P2E, NFT-MetaPlanet, bscgem, cryptocurrency-MPL Swap, trade, play, earn, profit and share on BSC fastest growing decentralized ecosystem. Our simple, yet powerful applications offers fan’s of DeFi + Metaverse the most complete, and advanced chain of DeFi products that you will love. All of our protocols are build on BSC , most powerful and Gas efficient blockchain technology making MetaPlanet an obvious choice.






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MPL Tokenomics & Roadmap

MetaPlanet token is the official token of the metaplanet eco-system, a complete, easy-to-use suite of decentralized applications built on the BSC blockchain. METAPLANET token is primarily a utility token required by some of our protocols to fund its activities.



METAPLANET tokens Holders can participate in decisions regarding development and revenue strategy.

MetaPlanet Boost

When using METAPLANET token to pay fees, there will be low fee and faster transaction, it connects with any chain.

MetaPlanet Earn

METAPLANET token distribution rewards 1% to the holders.






Total supply




Smart Contract

Launch Project

Phase 01

  • Metaplanet’s private presale
  • Whitepaper public release
  • Launch on pancakeswap
  • Build a strong community
  • Verified influencer marketing/call groups

Ecosystem Development

Phase 02

  • MPL Swap
  • Unique features
  • Limit swap orders
  • Expandable chart
  • Speed and security
  • NFT Marketplace
  • NFT minting service
  • Options trading all assets


Phase 03

  • Trading platform
  • Touch UI
  • Trading tools
  • MPL Social

Ninja #001

Ninja #002

Ninja #003

DRAX #001

DRAX #002

DRAX #003


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MetaPlanet is avalaible on all platforms

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